Saturday, August 25, 2012

Open House Project

This past week we had Open House at our school.  I always look forward to Open House because it's a great time to talk to parents about our curriculum and provide them with resources that will assist them in working with their child at home.  When I joined my first grade team 3 years ago, I was lucky to find that for Open House, we also created a fun craft project for the students to take home (All credit goes to Amy Raynolds). 
We call them "Mini Me's".  
Mini Me's sit at the students seats.  Parents love them, kids love them and I love them.
To create:
1. Use a basic body template and trace on large card stock.
2. Cut out bodies (I had an awesome parent helper do step 1 and 2).
3. Create!  I always remind students to consider what they really look like. I have had a few Mini Me's end up with purple eyes, blue skin and orange hair :)
4. Once completed, push chairs in and seat Mini Me's at student seats.

Check out this image:
The Mini Me on the right looks a bit scared!

I hope the beginning of your year has been going smoothly.

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