Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Create a Contraction!

Happy holidays you all!  I am so glad to be spending my time with my wonderful boyfriend and 3 dogs today.  I'm making a brisket and it's smelling mighty delicious right now.

Since I've been on break, I've had some free time to work on resources, and this one is a super-fun lesson called Create a Contraction!
Here's how it works.  Print out the large letter cards and explain to students that a contraction is two words joined together to make a smaller word.  Use student helpers to hold up the letter cards to make two words (ex. does not).
Now, here's where it gets fun.

Step One: Students on the carpet squeeze the two words together.

Step Two: I teach my students the phrase "Out pops the 'O', in comes the apostrophe!"  We say it together as our 'O' pops out.
Step Three: Our apostrophe jumps in.  Now we have a contraction!  We repeat steps 1-3 using other words for more practice.

Step Four: After we have practiced a few different contractions, I provide students with the independent practice sheet. Students cut out the letter cards and create the two words on the sheet.  Then they follow steps 1-3 to create the contraction for the two words.

To download, please click on the image below.  Your feedback is ALWAYS appreciated!  Thank you for your support and have a RELAXING vacation :)

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  1. Super cute contraction activities! Gotta love when you can get them up and moving! How did they do with it? We REALLY struggle with reading and writing contractions.


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