Monday, January 28, 2013

100th Day of School (Sight Word Freebie!)

Today we celebrated our favorite day of the school year, the 100th day of school!  My kids were so pumped when I picked them up wearing my 100th day of school glasses.  Some of my students brought  100 things to school and were able to share their creations with the class.  So much fun!

I was a little inspired to create something for this fun-filled day and came up with this baby:

To begin with, I grouped my students in pairs.  Partners took turns asking each other to find a word on the sight word mat.  If the partner was able to find, spell and read the word, they could highlight it!  The activity continued until all words had been read.

This was a great review of sight words for my little readers.  Not only were they engaged, but they thought it was totally cool that they were able to read so many words.  This activity also gave me plenty of time to pull my students who needed more practice in a small group.
 So my dear followers, click on any of the images to download your copy for FREE.  I can't wait to hear about what you have planned for the 100th day of school!
K. Almaraz

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