Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sight Word Mania

As our year begins to wind down, and I reflect on all of the many sight words my students have had to learn in first grade, I decided to implement more hands on sight word activities.  I called the following game Sight Word Race.
I provided each table with a different bag of items that I found in my classroom (which was great because I didn't have to go purchase anything new, and I could finally put these things to use!):
*magazine letters
*black-eyed peas
*popsicle sticks
*pipe cleaners
I then displayed a list of previously learned sight words on the board.  Students played Paper, Rock Scissors to see who picked the first word.  The winner picked the word, and the race was on! Students competed against their partner to see who could create the word first.  The winner then picked the next word and the game continued. 
The next sight word activity we played was one I had heard of from another teaching friend, called Flip Words. This is a super simple and engaging game.
1. Write sight words on sentence strips and place face down.
2. Students take turns "flipping" words with a spatula.
3.  If the student can read the word, they keep it.  If they are unable to read the word, it goes back onto the grill!
One of the things the kids chose to add to the game was if the word was not read correctly they said "Oops! Your burger isn't ready yet!"
I hope you can implement these activities in your classroom! Teacher of the Week post is coming up next.

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  1. Super cute!! I think the Magazine letters is my favorite!! Did you already have them cut out from magazines or is it a font?


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