Saturday, May 11, 2013

What I bought linky & I receive an award!

Teacher Appreciation Week has to be the best week for any teacher.  You get neat things, you get some extra smiles and hugs and most of all, you feel EXTRA appreciated!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' (just a tad late) to show you what I purchased during the TpT sale this week.  If you'd also like to link up, click on the image below!

I kept my purchasing to a minimum, thankfully, and didn't go overboard this time around. 
Purchase #1
Sara Cooley is my absolute favorite TpT seller.  My kids and I have enjoyed every single thing I've purchased from her store.  I picked up her Hollywood Ending pack to use during the last day of school.  I know my kids are going to be so pumped for this awesome party.

Purchase #2
It's only fitting that if you purchase and End of Year celebration pack, that you purchase a Beginning of the year pack as well!  I picked Abby's Fun With Firsties after reading all of the rave reviews, and boy am I glad I purchased this.  This resource has so many cute hands-on and reflective activities to use during the first week of school.  I can't wait!

Finally, this has been such a busy week!  I am so honored and blessed to receive the Teacher of the Year award for my school.  On Monday morning all TOY's on the West side of Phoenix were honored at a wonderful breakfast banquet where we received this awesome plaque. 

On Tuesday, the TOY's from the district were honored during the district board meeting. 
So, so happy!
Hope you all had an incredible week as well!
K. Almaraz


  1. Congrats on the award!

    Glad to meet a fellow Arizona blogger! :)


    1. Hi Caitlin! Thanks for stopping by, it's great to meet you! I just started following your blog :)

  2. Wow! Congratulations! I'm an Arizona Blogger too!

    1. Hi Stacy! Woo-hoo! Glad to see you're also from Arizona. I followed your blog :) Are you in the Phoenix area?

  3. Oh my gosh!! Congratulations!!! That's SO exciting!! :)


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