Saturday, June 8, 2013

Today, we are skipping a typical teaching post...

Today, we are skipping a typical teaching post...
  ...because we are very excited to announce the upcoming arrival of our first (human) baby in November!
We wanted to come up with a unique way to share the news with our friends and family and decided that Brodey, our bull terrier, would be perfect for the occasion. 
Initially, we had hoped that we could find an inexpensive bow tie for Brodey to wear during his photo shoot, but ended up finding this tiny little clip on tie at Goodwill for about a dollar (Score!).

It took us quite a while to get Brodey to sit/lay still enough to snap a photo.  All he really wanted to do was roll and jump around in the plush grass.  Can't really blame him :)
So, dog treats became our best friend.

After looking through the pictures and deciding on the one above, we sent the picture vie email and text to our loved ones and it all worked out great.

So, not only will I be working on blogging and TpT stuff this summer, but preparing for this sweet little one to come.  This book has been an incredible eye-opener for me, and downright helpful when planning for baby:
(You can click on the image to find out more about this book.)
Thanks for stopping by!
 K. Almaraz


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