Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pencil Notes for Meet the Teacher Night (Come & win 'em!)

I made these last year for Meet the Teacher night to give to my new little friends as they came in to meet me.  They loved them & I loved how easy it was to put them together!  All I had to do was print the notes on colored card stock, cut out the notes and punch holes with a hole punch.


Pencil Notes included:
*Welcome to Kindergarten!
*Welcome to first grade!
*Welcome to 2nd grade!
*Welcome to 3rd grade!
*Let's Have a Rocking Year!
*I'm Lucky to Have You in my Class!

For more views, click on either image, and you'll be taken to my TpT store.

Want to win your very own set?

  Leave a comment to this blog post telling me something you do on Meet the Teacher night as well as your email and I will email the file to two lucky people tomorrow evening :)

K. Almaraz


  1. I give each parent that attends a 'raffle' ticket- at the end of the night I pick one- the parent wins a $5 Dunkin Donut gift card and their child finds a 'free snack' (from the café) coupon on his/her desk in the am! I tell the kids about the 'raffle' to get them to encourage/remind their parents to come to meet the teacher night!

    1. Jennifer,

      This is a fantastic idea! I will be using this idea many times to motivate parents to come out for school events. Thanks so much for sharing! Would you reply with your email address?

      Glad you like it! I use it for parent/teacher conferences too!!

    3. Here is the link to a google doc that has the ticket all set-
      Feel free to share!!

    4. You are AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. What a great idea! I put out a little bag full of items that match the lines of a've probably seen it...a rubber band to be eraser to fix our mistakes...etc. It would be neat to add a pencil with your pencil note to go along with it! I love Jennifer's ideas, too!


  3. We do a raffle too...but we raffle off packs ( about 10 ) of books that we have cleaned out of our classrooms. Cute bow & kids get books for home! wendy


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